QuickBooks Error 6000, 80

Published on 13 January 2021 at 11:05

Just how to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error -6000, -80

Hello QuickBooks users! As we all understand that QuickBooks is an accounting software that is created for all professional needs associated with firms. From downloading banking transactions with ease since the software connected through the web bank operating system. The main advantage of the software could possibly be understood by the proven fact that the software helps the organization to get the all the company from small to big, manage to get thier work carried out in the easiest associated with the ways.

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In this specific article today, i will discuss about the most reported error this is certainly faced by many QB users while accessing for their company data file. QuickBooks Error -6000, -80 mainly occurs when a person try to access the company file after which it receives such type of error code as -6000, -80. Here we are going to discuss about this QuickBooks Error -6000, -80 and it’s causes combined with the best solution methods. For immediate help, you can easily reach the QuickBooks Error Support team.

What is QuickBooks Error -6000, -80?

QuickBooks Error -6000, -80 is a software error which generally takes place when a user give a command to QuickBooks to start or access the business file but due to some technical issues QuickBooks displays an error on the desktop screen. This error could also encounter during the program installation, while -related software program is running into the desktop background, and even during the installation of the Windows software package.

What can cause Error -6000, -80 in QuickBooks?

Browse the possible reasons because of QB Error Code -6000, -80 appear:

This indicates the corruption in your QuickBooks data file.
The data source gets damaged when QuickBooks data fie was opened along with crashed even when you’re using that QB file.
Internet speed is slow and sluggish.
In the event, you will find numerous system acting as a host for the QuickBooks data file(s).
If the data restored or converted over the network or if the QB software program is not able to keep in touch with the server.
In the event that Company file(s) data are damaged.

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How to Solve QuickBooks Error -6000, -80?

Here you can observe a number of the solutions that are used to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error -6000, -80:

Condition 1: For Single User Environment Only

Solution 1: Download, install, and employ the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool
Download & install the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool.
Run the QBinstall diagnostic Tool.
In case, QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool detects damage but doesn’t repair them. This kind of a scenario, you have 2 alternatives:-
Produce the backup associated with the QB company file and then restore it.
Use the Auto Data Recovery and restore most of the data.
You can easily share important computer data aided by the Intuit’s Data Recovery team & request them to recover it. Or you can make contact with our certified ProAdvisors when it comes to QuickBooks support.

Solution 2: Copy/replicate the QB file(s) into the local drive
Copy/replicate the QuickBooks backup file aided by the .qbb extension. Or you can perform some same with the QB company file(s) with .qbw extension that you desire to update to a local hard disk.
Restore/update the backup QB Company files.
Copy/replicate the updated/restored company file back to its original location.

Condition 2: For Multi-user Environment Only

Solution 1: Download, install, and use the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool
Navigate towards the ‘QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool’ download page from here.
To download the tool, type in the email address & select the “I agree” into the “Term and Condition”.
Install & use the tool by pursuing the wizard.

In case, you see the “File Open successful” within the green check-mark under the “Advanced” option it suggests that the network connection is ‘OK’. If the error persists, go to solution 2.

Solution 2: Copy/replicate the QB file to your local C drive
Copy/replicate the QB Company file(s) utilizing the .qbb extension or backup file that you require to update to an area hard disk drive.
Restore/update the backup QB Company file(s).
Copy/replicate the restored/updated QB Company file(s) back again to its original location.

Solution 3: Manual Fixation of Error -6000, -80 (Optional)
This solution is specifically for a predicament where none of the online tools such as QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool or the QuickBooks File Diagnostic Tool struggling to run successfully. Make use of this solution in such circumstance:

Step 1: Update the QuickBooks to your latest release:
Update the QuickBooks towards the latest release.

Note: make sure that the merchandise is chosen/ selected. In case, it's not – then go & choose the “Choose a different sort of product” icon.

Choose one of several update options and stick to the instructions:
Automatic updates
Manual updates
In the event, the QuickBooks version updated but the error code persists, then follow the step two.

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Step two: Configure the firewall & system security application for QuickBooks file:

Note: Intuit Inc. do not offer support/help for the firewall issues due to firewall application complexity. It is possible to pose a question to your firewall application provider to troubleshoot the firewall problem.

Start to see the firewall & internet security updates if required.
Contact or go to the official website for the Microsoft to start to see the firewall configuration process.

In the event that error persists even after firewall & internet security configuration, then head to step three.

Step three: Verify the permissions to access/open the QB Company file:
Navigate towards the ‘Setup folder permissions’ to share the QB Company file. Make sure that you set up the permissions correctly.
Setup/place the QuickBooks permissions.

In case, the error pertains even after correctly setting up the permissions to open/access the Company files. Just follow step four.

Step four: Scan the QB Company file
To generate the Network Descriptor (.nd) file, scan the folder where QuickBooks Company file(s) stored. This .nd file generally stores all the host files within the computer.

Hit on the “Windows” or “Start” icon.
Go to the “Programs” tab => “QuickBooks” tab => “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” tab.
Go to the QuickBooks Database Server Manager screen, find the “Add Folder” icon & then, navigate to your folder with QB company files.
Once all of the folders are added, hit onto the “Scan” tab.
Into the “QuickBooks Company File” tab, you will observe the QuickBooks data files. Pick the “Close” icon.
Find the folder which contains all of the QB Company file(s) & then, make sure the .QBW .ND file has generated with every QB Company file.

Important Note:

Go directly to the “Program List” tab,
In the event that you don’t find any “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” icon
Re-install the QuickBooks application.
Select the second option – “I’ll be using QuickBooks with this computer, AND I’ll be storing our company file here therefore it can share over our network”.

In the event that error persists even with performing the scan process on the folder then, follow step 5.

Step 5: check out the hosting in the systems
Beneath the network environment, the device (server) utilizing the hosting feature turned on is meant to function as the only computer where in actuality the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM) installed. Scan the QuickBooks Company file(s) as the hosting turns on.

Computer workstations

Step 6: Open/access the QuickBooks Company file & verify the data damage
There are 2 steps given below to start or access the QuickBooks company file & verify the data damage:

Navigate to your system where in fact the QB Company file stored.
In the event, the Server Install only regarding the host computer..! Then, you must relocate to the ‘Copy file to a different location’.
Open/access the QuickBooks software & QB Company file receiving a mistake warning message.
If the QuickBooks Company file open/access via computer..! Then, look at the QuickBooks Company file.
If it doesn’t, then replicate/copy the file to a different location.
Aided by the instruction of QuickBooks application, rebuild the QB Company file.

Note: in the event, QuickBooks identifies no issues in the QB Company file(s), nevertheless the error exists. This kind of a scenario, navigate into the ‘Copy file to a different location’.

Open/access the folder which has the QB company file.
Perform click on the “file name” & then, choose the “Copy” icon.
Hit on the empty area regarding the “Windows Desktop” icon & choose the “Paste” icon.
Open/access the QuickBooks application & then, open/access the QB company file from the Desktop:
If you still encounter the QB error warning message, you have the QuickBooks data damage.
Restore the newly backed up QB company file.
Send/share the QB company file into the QuickBooks Data Recovery Team. To request data recovery service from Intuit Data Services, contact QuickBooks Technical Support. (Fees may apply).
If the QB company file opens successfully, copy the file back to its original location.

Important: Ensure the original company file name renamed before you copy the file that recently opened through the desktop. Do not paste on the existing company file.

Open/access the folder which contains the first (damaged) QB company file, & rename the file by the addition of OLD or DAMAGED into the file name prefix.
For instance, in the event that original QB company file named as CompanyFile, rename it OLD_CompanyFile orDAMAGED_CompanyFile.
Close the QuickBooks.
Hit onto the QB Company file & find the “Copy” tab.
Open/access the folder where the QB company file originally stored.
Right-click regarding the empty area within the folder window & choose the “Paste” tab.
Open/access the QuickBooks & later, open the QB company file from the original location.

Hopefully, you will end up very happy to look at manual way to resolve the QuickBooks Error -6000, -80…! However if still, some QuickBooks problem persists, then you can certainly go directly to the QuickBooks enterprise customer care team. Just in case, you are looking for instant help for QuickBooks – you can easily just dial the toll-free support number of QuickBooks ProAdvisors

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