Use Check Or Deposit Detail Reports To Show Transaction Links And Mimic Cash Receipt Report

Published on 24 December 2020 at 12:43

Report of Bank Deposits with Total

How do I create a study that may show all bank deposits with an overall total for a specific month? If I head to Reports > Banking > Deposit Detail to obtain a study of deposits for the month there clearly wasn’t a total. I'm able to export the are accountable to Excel to calculate a total, it isn’t there a simpler option to obtain the report from QuickBooks? Yes there was an easier method and I’ll show you how to take action. As usual in QuickBooks, there is more than one method to obtain the report, but here’s a better way to have a report of monthly deposits with a total.


1. Go to Reports > Custom Transaction Detail Report

2. Change the date to This Month (or even the dates you want)

3. in the Filters tab:

Select Account — Checking (or all banking accounts or perhaps the accounts desired)
Transaction Type — Deposits

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On the report, I used the Header/Footer tab to change the name of the report to ‘Monthly Deposits’ and I eliminated some empty columns (Num, Name & Clr). You might memorize this report for future use.

I am hoping this QuickBooks tip helps provide you with the important information quick & easy!

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