Common Issues When Using And Customizing Templates In QuickBooks

Published on 16 December 2020 at 13:03

Customize Templates Common Issues in QuickBooks Desktop & How to Fix Them?

In this specific article, we will discuss a number of the common customize templates issues that users may encounter while creating or editing a template in QuickBooks Desktop. You can find various kinds of templates are available in the QuickBooks Desktop, it is quite a chance that users may face an issue while using it. Don’t worry in such a circumstance to you, read this article therefore we genuinely believe that you’ll discover the necessary solution.


Without delaying anymore let’s discuss issues and their solution one after the other.

There aren't any Lines or Borders round the fields in Invoices and Statements

Should this be happening while printing then there's a chance you will probably have enabled the possibility to not print lines around each field. In QuickBooks, you are able to select whether you desire lines or perhaps not. If the lines and borders are visible from the forms yet not on others then stick to the below procedure.

Go directly to the File > Printer Setup option.
Next, click from the Form drop-down menu, and from here find the appropriate form.
Then, find the Blank Paper option from the Print On section.
Unmark the box stating Do not Print Lines around each field and then select OK.

Emailed Invoices have text issues

A few of the fields are not aligned correctly when an invoice is within Pdf format. To fix this matter, you ought to replace the font of the invoice.

Open the invoice that should be correct.
After that, select the Customize Data Layout tab through the Formatting tab.
Here, select the Layout Designer tab.
Next is a vital step. You ought to find the field that includes the bad text and then select the Properties option.
Within the Properties, select the Font option and change the font or try to change size. (By default, Cambria font is selected, you can easily choose any font you prefer.)
Now watch out all of those other fields when it comes to incorrect font within the PDF and if you will find any repeat exactly the same process again. From then on, select OK.
Once, you might be done making all of the changes, email the invoice in PDF format to yourself, and review it.
Changes don’t save when you save your customized invoice template from an invoice

Usually, when you use an invoice template to produce another invoice then your template that you use should show again. Unless you made any changes to the template this setting must be retained.

Select Customers > Create Invoice.
Then, using a standard template create a test invoice.
Click on the Template option
From here, choose any one of several Intuit listed templates.
Fill the customer and item details within the invoice.
Save and Close
Again go the Customers after which Create Invoices. Here, check whether the invoice template which you used is available or not in the default section.

In the event that new template is still not showing when creating another invoice, even after making changes in the template then it indicates that you have a damaged template.

One solution for this is certainly to displace the backup through the time when the customized template used to focus. But, if you don’t have the backup, then you’ll need to recreate the customized template from scratch.

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The long text field not appearing on sales forms with multiple pages.

Using a Layout Designer, when you resize a big text field, then there is a small chance that it may disappear from most of the pages except the past page. You should use a Text Box to incorporate relevant information.

Open the invoice and then find the Formatting option.
Here, find the Customize Data Layout option.
Next, select the Layout Designer option and then click on Add and then select the Text Box option.
When you look at the Text Box, you can easily go into the details you want to demonstrate in all of the forms.
From then on, you ought to resize the fields so that it can show all the information you entered. Select OK to put on the changes that you made.
Go through the Print Preview button to enable you to observe how the changes that you made will see regarding the form.
If everything seems perfect, close the Print Preview Window and then select OK.
Error Message “Due to a mistake, the template had not been exported”

In the event that you get an error related to the logo, then you’ll need to eliminate the logo or image from the customized template that you will be attempting to import.

First, you will need to open the company file that contains the logo.
Go to the Lists menu and then select the Templates option.
Right-click on the Template that you'd like to export and then select the Edit Template option.
Go right to the Logo & Fonts section and unmark the box stating Use Logo option and then select OK.

Fix error C=291 when you import a questionnaire template

If you are importing a template from the newer version of QuickBooks Desktop into the older version or your template you may be trying to import is damaged, then your user might encounter this dilemma.

If you like a template which you created into the newer type of QuickBooks Desktop to your older version, you can’t take action. You may want to recreate it.

Error Message “Insufficient data for an image”

When users make an effort to save forms/invoices as PDF, email, and print, which is due to the damaged image used in the proper execution. You can fix this by converting the format of this image using a picture editor.

From the top menu bar, go to List>Templates.
Then, open the template and find the Layout Designer option.
From here, you will need to eliminate the image and then select OK & again, OK.
Open the image in a picture editor application. (Microsoft Paint is preferred)
Replace the format associated with image to some other one through the current. For example, change it out to.JPEG if it is currently.PNG format.
Again open QuickBooks, open the template and add the image with the changed format. Customize and resize the image as required.
Try again to send a message, save, or print.
We genuinely believe that now all of your problems related to the Customized templates are fixed.

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The Conclusion

These are typical the customize templates common issues in QBD and today should be able to fix them all on your own. If you are still finding any kind of difficulties in customizing templates in QuickBooks Desktop, then you definitely should ask for the help of a specialist. You can easily consultant from an Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor by calling the 24/7 QuickBooks customer support toll-free number.

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