Recommended Networks for QuickBooks

Published on 11 December 2020 at 11:53

Recommended networks for QuickBooks

QB Issue Resolution:
Various kinds of networks have been in use right now to run QuickBooks. Not all of them will run QuickBooks effectively. QuickBooks Technical Support cannot provide support for these environments beyond configuration of QuickBooks.


No matter if the program is configured correctly for multiple users, Intuit cannot guarantee performance on networks apart from the recommended ones


Recommended Networks.

Local Area Networks (LAN). Networks which have at the least 40 Mbps transfer speed (bandwidth) either a workgroup or a domain (see Note 1 below).
Terminal Services. All versions of QuickBooks for Windows run under Terminal Services. However, Intuit provides troubleshooting assistance limited to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES).
Cloud Hosting. Alternative party companies host your file that you simply access over the internet.

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Networks That Are Not Recommended.

Remote Area Network gives remote users access, using analog modems or Internet Subscriber Digital Network connections from the host computer’s modem.
Wide Area Network (WAN), in which computers are connected over long distances using telephone lines and satellite communications.
Virtual Private Network (VPN), which connects computers over long distances via the Internet using an encrypted tunnel.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which copies files from 1 location to a different, are designed to move files and not to start them.
Network Attached Storage (NAS), a device attached to a network that only provides file storage for other devices regarding the network. These devices do not have full computer functionality, which QuickBooks requires.
Virtual Servers/Virtual Machines are still new to the QuickBooks environment. We do not support them.

Note: Having your server in a domain along with your workstations in workgroup(s) can work but you should have your authorizations set up correctly. Intuit does not recommend this configuration

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Recommended networks for QuickBooks: this problem or error code is a known issue in Quickbooks Online (QBO) and/or Quickbooks. Support for this dilemma can be acquired either by self-service or paid support options. Experts can be obtained to eliminate your Quickbooks issue to make sure minimal downtime and continue running your online business. First make an effort to resolve the issue yourself by trying to find a resolution described below. When it is a complex issue or you aren't able to solve the problem, you may contact us by clicking here or making use of other support options.

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