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Published on 8 December 2020 at 12:27

What is QuickBooks Merchant Services?

Exactly what are merchant services?

Merchant services are a group of authorized financial services made for businesses. Typically when individuals talk about merchant services, they’re talking about payment processing, which allows businesses to just accept credit card payments.

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However, merchant services can also include gift card and loyalty programs, payment gateways, merchant payday loans, and point of sale (POS) systems.

Now that we’ve gone over QuickBooks and merchant services, let’s get back to our original question.

What is QuickBooks merchant services?

QuickBooks merchant services refers to merchant services providers (AKA payment processors) that allow you to accept payments inside of QuickBooks.

In the event that you currently use QuickBooks and want to accept credit cards, you will need to get a merchant services provider to process card payments.

Here are the top three things to consider when choosing a merchant services provider. If you need a more extensive list, check out how to pick a payment processor for QuickBooks.

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Top three non-negotiable qualities

Low processing fees

Payment processors are notorious for overcharging businesses. They impose a variety of fees under many different names and titles. Many merchants believe these fees are legitimate, unavoidable costs that simply come with accepting credit cards. But that is not true.

When you’re in the quest to get a QuickBooks merchant services provider, do some comparison shopping. Get quotes from multiple providers and look to see if they have:

Transparent pricing. A beneficial payment processor won’t make an effort to hide their fees away from you. All fees must certanly be upfront and easy to understand.
Per-transaction fees. Nearly every payment processor has per-transaction fees. In case your business runs a lot of small-ticket transactions, then ensure you get the best per-transaction fee possible.
Flat rate and interchange pricing. Any reputable processor could have flat rate and interchange pricing options available. Don’t sign up with processors that only offer tiered pricing, because it’s the least transparent pricing model.

Successful companies cut down on costs whenever we can. Recurring fees, like those from a payment processor, should be analyzed often to make sure your company is obtaining the lowest rates possible.

In-house customer support

All too often, businesses overlook customer care when choosing a merchant services provider. Don’t make that mistake.

Customer support could make or break a business.

How can you think Amazon had become the retail giant it is today? Amazon’s mission statement is “to be earth’s most customer-centric company.” One reason why they will have done this well is simply because they place the customer first. Folks are attracted to that variety of service. Everyone craves convenient, live customer support.

Just like Amazon places the priority from the consumer, your processor should value you as his or her customer. You are able to avoid headaches and complications down the road in the event that you prioritize customer care whenever choosing a processor. Should your transactions aren’t going right on through, your statement seems off, or perhaps you want new hires to see a demo, then you’ll want to own a trusted support team willing to work with you.

Processors with good customer service will:

Notify you of chargebacks and help you resolve them.
Provide you with a relationship manager and that means you have one main point of contact.
Have a trained, in-house support team with a fast response time.

Regardless of how stellar a processor with low rates might seem, never disregard the power of great customer care. Determine what type of customer support is provided before you sign up with any processor.

An in-house, 24/7 customer support team will throw you a life preserver when your business is drowning in chargebacks, technical issues, or processing problems.

Integrates with QuickBooks

Ah, integration. It brings joy to a lot of accountants.

Integration fuses your payment processing together with your accounting software. This means your accounting software will automatically reflect every transaction you run—and you don’t have to enter the information twice.

Accepting payments directly in QuickBooks offers you the advantage of automation. The integration automatically posts payments to invoices and marks them as paid and reconciles your accounts receivable and general ledger.

For those who haven’t been using an integral system, after that your head might be swimming from just how much manpower you’ll save by switching to integrated payments.

But before you let your imagination run wild, you need to find a reasonable payment provider you can rely on to assist your online business flourish.

Our suggestion? EBizCharge.

Our payment gateway, EBizCharge, isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill payment gateway. Just as a red flower in a field of white daises stands apart, EBizCharge has an easy method of catching a person's eye when comparing to other payment providers.

For example, EBizCharge:

Offers free, 24/7 in-house support
Integrates with QuickBooks
Has a proactive chargeback management team
Includes an in-house software development team
$0 setup fees, $0 upgrade fees, $0 maintenance fees

Since EBizCharge seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, the sole change you’ll see is your ability to accept payments. Everything else will stay the exact same.

EBizCharge can be one of the few payment providers that supplies a client payment portal. This portal allows your customers to see and pay their invoices online. As more and more people look to the internet to cover their bills, supplying your visitors utilizing the choice to pay online will significantly increase your probability of getting paid. A payment portal also saves your time by enabling customers to create payments or view past invoices without your involvement.

Beyond the payment portal, EBizCharge provides convenient features which make your work life easier. Automatic email reminders may be customized to send email notifications to customers with upcoming payments. These routine reminders encourage your prospects to cover their invoices on some time free you from time-consuming follow-up calls and emails. EBizCharge also saves your customers’ credit cards so recurring transactions are efficient and smooth. Our PCI compliant gateway helps to ensure that payment data stays secure and can offer you peace of mind when it comes to preventing data breaches.

EBizCharge is also very affordable for small- to medium-sized businesses. We can lower your credit card processing fees by up to 43%.

Check us out

When you yourself have further questions about what QuickBooks merchant services is or would you like to see a demo of our QuickBooks integration, call us. Our live, in-house support team is definitely on standby to answer your questions and provide you with a totally free financial savings analysis.

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