QuickBooks Error Code OLSU-1024 OR OLSU-1022

Published on 2 December 2020 at 11:44

Fix OLSU-1024 and OLSU-1022 Error in QuickBooks

QuickBooks OLSU-1024 and OLSU-1022 Error

Numerous errors occur once you try to run a course. QuickBooks also encounters lots of errors, plus some could possibly make you crazy. In order to get to the main cause of this error, you try so many things, and yet they might not give many promising results. Therefore so that you can learn a few of the stubborn errors just like the OLSU-1024 and OLSU-1022 users will need to try more than one solution. Listed below are discussed 4 solutions. However, it is usually recommended that after trying all if you get no results then you must reinstall the QuickBooks.

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The errors OLSU-1024 and OLSU-1022 occurs while users try creating bank accounts in the QuickBooks desktop. The error specifies that it occurred while updating the branding files. And then it prompts one to restart the wizard for online banking set up for restarting eh updating process. First, the error OLSU-1024 appears after which the error OLSU-1022 appears.

Why you will get the error?

The financial institution information is most likely not updated when you look at the Financial Institution Directory, or even the directory is certainly not kept in the location where it should be. These are the reason the error can happen. QuickBooks Mac Support provides details on resolving this error on Apple notebooks.

Solution 1- QuickBooks needs to be updated into the latest version

Find the update on the webpage containing the latest release information of QuickBooks.
Pick the best QuickBooks product.
Next, follow all instruction which lets you know how exactly to update.
You will need to down the file of updates and then run it.
Click the Update button
Next, you need to set the auto-updates system so the updates get auto-installed whenever an innovative new a person is released.

Solution 2- The standard bank Directory needs to be updated

Access filist through the road C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\Components\OLB\branding\filist
Now rename fidir.txt to fidir. old
Now right click on Quickbooks, and then select Save Link As
Now save the file on Desktop
Now copy fidir.txt that you had downloaded and paste it to the file folder
To achieve this you will need to right-click regarding the fidir.txt, and copy it, and then press the Windows key with E. this may open the Computer. In the filist folder paste the file.
So now you should set up the account by opening QuickBooks desktop.

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Solution 3- Repairing of QuickBooks

Press the Windows key and E together, or even the computer tab if you are using Windows 8.
Now go directly to the unstill program option.
Right-click on QuickBooks and select uninstall
Now when you look at the installation window, click on next and then select the Repair option.
Now click on finish.

In case the repair doesn’t work, you will need to completely remove QuickBooks, and reinstall it.

Solution 4- editing preferences when you look at the fidir.txt

Find out of the fidir.txt through the path C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\Components\OLB\branding\filist
Now go to the file properties
Now check the option Read-only.

Some of the 4 solutions that are discussed above would help you to get from the OLSU-1024 and OLSU-1022 errors. Get Error OLSU-1024 and OLSU-1022 fixed resolved by contacting us at QuickBooks tech support team Team.

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