QuickBooks Error 15102

Published on 24 November 2020 at 12:49

QuickBooks Error 15102 (When downloading Payroll & QuickBooks Desktop Update)

QuickBooks Error 15102 occurs when you’re wanting to improve your QuickBooks desktop or downloading payroll updates.

This error code may appear to be
Error 15102: Failed to reset update

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Causes for QuickBooks error code 15102

1. Download location is not available or not accessible
2. You’re not logged in as an administrator
3. QuickBooks is running in multi-user mode on the terminal environment

  • Activities to do before fixing this error code
  • Whenever you can open QuickBooks Desktop do the following for installing the newest update.

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A. Update QuickBooks desktop

1. Open QuickBooks Desktop
2. Go to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop
3. Select the Update Now tab to the top and click Get Updates

B. Download the newest payroll tax table

1. Open QuickBooks
2. Go to Employees menu > Get payroll updates
3. Select Download entire update.
4. Now select, Download Latest Update

4 Simple steps to fix QuickBooks error 15102

STEP ONE: Switch to the Single-user mode

1. Open QuickBooks
2. Go to File > Switch to Single-user Mode

NEXT STEP: Verify mapped file location is correct

1. Press F2 or Ctrl+1 keys from the keyboard and check file location path
2. Then click OK
3. Now navigate to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop…
4. find the Options tab
5. Verify the Download location path is correct.
If Shared Download is set as Yes that means, the drive in download location ought to be the same drive that appears within the product information
If Shared Download is scheduled as No that means, a directory in download location must be the same drive that appears when you look at the installation directory.
6. A place path is incorrect
If Yes for the shared folder is selected, choose No
If No for the shared folder is selected, choose Yes
7. Click Save and Close

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STEP THREE: Remap the drive to a different letter, If the location is correct

1. Close your QuickBooks company file
2. Remap your drive to a new letter
3. Open your business file using an innovative new map drive
4. Choose Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop…
5. Click the Options tab
6. Turn Shared Downloads off and switch it on again
7. Verify that download location is using the brand new mapped drive
8. Click Save and Close

After following all of the 3 steps, If the exact same problem still exist please proceed further because of the below step.

FOURTH STEP: Run QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator

1. Close QuickBooks desktop
2. Make a right-click on QuickBooks Desktop icon
3. Choose Run as administrator
4. Click Yes for allowing UAC permission
5. Download and Install QuickBooks release

After following all of the above steps, you’ll no longer face QuickBooks Error 15102 but in case it still exists. Please contact our experts.

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