Copy Multiple Transactions From One Company File To Another

Published on 2 November 2020 at 10:38

Copy multiple transactions in one company file to some other

QB Issue Resolution:
To achieve this you must meet listed here criteria:

The transactions are either checks, deposits, charge card charges, or bank card credits. (For QuickBooks 2014 you could do invoices, credits, bills and bill credits.)
You will be importing the information into QuickBooks 2013 or newer (Accountant’s Edition or Enterprise Accountant ONLY).
Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Set preferences appropriately to permit the export.

Uncheck Use account numbers in Accounting company preferences.
If you should be exporting invoices, it's also possible to need to answer No to “Do you charge sales tax?” in the Sales tax Company preferences, since sales tax amounts will likely not carry over.



Step two: Create a Custom Transaction Detail report for every kind of transaction you want to copy towards the new company file.

Through the Reports menu, select Custom Reports>Transaction Detail.
Click Customize report and modify the report as follows:
Choose the Filters tab.
In the Filters scroll box select Transaction type.
From the Transaction type drop-down, choose the sort of transaction you wish to show regarding the report:
This needs to be either Checks, Deposits, or bank card or CCard Credit.
From the Transaction Type drop-down, select Detail Level
From the Detail Level drop-down, select All Except Summary
Click the Display tab.
Select desired date range.
In the Filters tab, choose the appropriate Transaction type for the transactions you will need to show.

Find the following columns depending on which transaction type you will be creating the report for:
Checks: Date, Num (Check Number), Name (Payee), Account, Debit (Amount), Memo
Deposits: Date, Name (Received From), Account (Account From), Memo, Num (Check No.), Credit (Amount)
Credit Card Charges and Credits: Date, Name (Payee), Account, Debit (Amount), Memo
Bills and Bill Credits: Date, Num (Ref. No.), Name (Vendor), Terms, Due date (Bill Due), Account, Credit (Amount), Memo
Filters: Detail level – All except summary.
Invoices and Credit Memos: Date, Number, Name (Customer:Job), Terms, Debit (Amount), Item description (Description), Item, Qty, Sales price (Rate), Amount (Total)
Filters: Detail level – All except summary.

Click OK to demonstrate the report.
Memorize the report with a proper name, if desired.
Save the report as PDF.
Repeat as required for any other transactions types.

Step 3: Export the report to Excel

Step 4: Enter transactions into new company file making use of the Batch enter transactions screen.

NOTE: This process is going to work in an Accountant’s Copy provided that the transactions dates are ahead of the dividing date

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Resolution for Issue 'Copy multiple transactions from a single company file to some other' available: Yes (Solved).

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