How To Reprint Checks In QuickBooks?

Published on 29 October 2020 at 11:49

Simple tips to Reprint checks in QuickBooks?

If you have something that is likely to make your accounting team go into panic mode, then it could be a predicament of a misplaced check. However, you do not have to worry too much as the printing options in QuickBooks enables you to reprint checks very easily. Considering that the features for sale in QuickBooks depend very much on which type of the program you are using, you need to call the QuickBooks tech support telephone number to check when you have the check printing feature. Once you are sure that the printing function is available, it is possible to refer to the steps given just below to reprint your sign in QuickBooks:

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  • Open QuickBooks and click on ‘Lists’ into the top menu bar.
    Select Chart of Accounts and double-click your bank account.
    Double click on the check you intend to print and press the Print icon.
    If you see a prompt, press ‘Yes’ to ensure the action, then click Save and Close.

Steps to reprint a paycheck from Employees Menu

Go directly to the Employees menu in your QuickBooks program.
Choose the ‘Edit/Void Paychecks’ option and enter the paycheck date.
Use the ‘Show Paychecks’ from and through boxes to choose the date.
Select the employee’s name to view the paycheck you want to print.
Press’ Print’ at the top of the window and assign the check number.

Steps to Reprint multiple paychecks

Go directly to the Employee Center and then click the Transactions tab.
Select the Paychecks option located in the left-hand column.
Double-click the paycheck you need to print and then click ‘Print Later.’
Press’ Save & Close’ and repeat the method for each check.
Open the File menu and locate the ‘Print Forms’ section.
Select ‘Paychecks’ and checkmark the checks you want to print.

If you learn that the checks are not being printed, or you cannot find the checks you need at all, you are able to call the QuickBooks phone number and request assistance. Software experts will be able to provide you with a detailed step-by-step help guide to complete the process and get your checks printed call at almost no time. QuickBooks experts are available hours on a daily basis that will help you overcome any error pertaining to your software.

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