QuickBooks Error -6189, -816

Published on 16 October 2020 at 16:03

By utilizing QuickBooks, the user reports that the pc screen was suddenly black as the computer restarts. When you select the company that states that the “open a company” will not display, a dialog box appears stating that the “cube will not to able to start this provider file, it may have already been opened by another user” when it opened the QuickBooks again. Error code:-6189,-816

A blunder occurs when QuickBooks attempted to get into the company file (-6189,-816)

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Resolve Error-6189, 816


Resolution 1: Restart your personal computer and your server


A? Restart each computer which has had use of your online business file.

b? Restart the server should your information is on a server

C? If you still see an error, continue with resolution 2

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Resolution 2: Install the QuickBooks Database Manager all on your own server


A? Either the QuickBooks or QuickBooks Database Manager ought to be installed when you look at the server in which your company file is stored

b? Database Manager will likely not require yet another license to be installed.

C? If you do not begin to look at QuickBooks database user, see Install Database Manager: to include QuickBooks database Server Manager, restart your server as soon as the update and set up installation is completed.

In the event that you still start to see the error, continue using the second solution.

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Resolution 3: your computer data file is stored from the network drive


A? make sure your file network is obviously not located on the attached storage (NAS) device or other removable drive.

b? These devices don't have full computer functionality and really should not run QuickBooks database Manager

C? In rare circumstances, this setup may potentially cause data loss.


Resolution 4: you employ the file sharing service


A? We do not recommend which you apply the File sharing service for the company file such as for example Dropbox, Chinese sink, bokusnate or other sort of online sync service.

b? Some online auto-backup utilities are employed as a mix with Kuricbouk if this sort of problem might lead to.

C? If you enter your organization in this manner, you will notice or lose this error message. can easily see loss transactions.

D? To remove your QuickBooks company out of your Dropbox folder and copy it to C: your computer drive will allow you to avoid these problems.

E-mail? You could desire to consider on the list of following options:

O use Intuit Data Protect (IDP) to guard your business’s file (applies merely to U.S.)

O use QuickBooks Online to get into QuickBooks from many locations

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Resolution 5: you have encryption software in your desktop


A? We do not advocate encrypting your business file.

b? For detailed instructions about disabling software, contact the vendor for the encryption software.

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