QuickBooks Error 101

Published on 6 October 2020 at 10:15

Just how to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 101

Best considered for providing end-to-end accounting solutions, QuickBooks is a remarkable accounting product, complemented with miraculous attributes, created specifically for assorted kinds of companies that incorporate manufacturers, wholesalers, construction contractors, and other non-profit organizations. QuickBooks executes various financial management tasks very quickly quite efficiently but once in a blue moon, like other applications, QuickBooks emerges with technical faults and today’s article is all about one such error called QuickBooks Banking Error 101. Now, let’s read about this error trouble in a detailed manner.

What Is QB Banking Error 101?
QB Error 101 takes place when a person attempts to upgrade bank feeds in QuickBooks even though connecting the online bank account. If this error occurs, a mistake message pops-up regarding the window screen “We are fixing our connection to this bank as fast as possible. Try connecting again tomorrow”.

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Possible Responsible Causes For QB Banking Error 101

1. Because of inappropriate Internet Explorer settings.
2. Outdated ActiveX, .Net Framework, and Java installation on Windows.
3. Third-party security applications obstructing QuickBooks.
4. This error also occurs when banking servers are down due to maintenance issues.

Effective Troubleshooting Measures To Eliminate QB Banking Error 101

Method 1: Attempt To Validate Your Internet Connectivity

Firstly, open the world-wide-web browser which you frequently utilize to gain access to the world-wide-web.
Then, visit any secured website like bing.com for network connectivity.
Now, in the event that you receive an error like “There is no internet connection” or “Check your internet connection and try again” then use the help of an IT professional to fix your internet connectivity troubles.
After proper internet connectivity, ensure that you have Internet Explorer as a default browser.
Now, if you are in a position to access the website without any obstacle, then stick to the next rectifying step to correct QB Error 101.


Method 2: Re-configure Internet Connection Settings in QuickBooks

First, open QuickBooks after which hit the Help tab towards the top.
Then, Choose Use my Computer’s Internet Connection Settings.
Then, again tap on the Next button and then click on Finish to save the changes you made.
After completing this process, attempt to update bank feeds in QuickBooks once more.


Method 3: Release Intuit from Security Software Restrictions

Your firewall or internet security software may block the Intuit along with other QB related domains while distinguishing them as a security threat. In this scenario, you might be needed to mount up Intuit.com and QuickBooks.com as trusted websites. Then, it's going to release these websites through the restrictions of your firewall or security software.

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Method 4: Try To Update Banking in QuickBooks

First, open QuickBooks and from beneath the Banking section from the left choose Banking option.
Then, click on Update and hold back until QuickBooks updates your bank’s connection.
Soon after the update completes, try connecting your bank another time with QuickBooks.

Hopefully, utilizing the aforementioned troubleshooting measures, you would have fixed QuickBooks Banking Error 101. In the event that you still need further in-depth assistance, you'll be able to connect with our QuickBooks Experts for further effective & prompt guidance. Our technicians can be found by 24*7, night and day. So Why Delay? Call now!!

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