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Published on 1 October 2020 at 16:05

How to Resolve Cannot Open QuickBooks Company File Error?

Had some really important work, but QuickBooks incapable of open company file? Well, greater part of QB users can relate solely to this, given that error QuickBooks cannot open company file or QuickBooks unable to open company file has become common nowadays. Though QuickBooks offers some really great features and perks, but might face certain technical glitches too. Users generally get frustrated, and so are not able to tackle these kinds of errors. This informative article is actually for the people who will be facing error: QuickBooks struggling to open company file. Therefore, if you are facing any such problem, then adhere to the end of this article.

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What is error: QuickBooks struggling to open company file?

Before digging in deep and learning about quick fixes to the error, it would be sensible enough to first uncover what actually this error is about. QuickBooks not able to open the company file error can happen because of numerous possible reasons. This error does not permit the user to open up the business file, and may spoil the complete work of the user, while they are operating the application.

Why error ‘Cannot open QuickBooks company file’ occurs?
The real reason for the occurrence with this error could be many. From the huge list, we have listed some of the most common observed causes. Why don't we have a look:

-Damaged data in company files could be one of the reasons why QuickBooks is unable to open the organization file.
-In case there is any type of issue because of the file location and extension, then your user will not be able to open up the company file.
-Another case could be, when the company data gets damaged due to a corrupt hard disk with file storage.
-If there clearly was any type of conflict with QBW.TLG file, then this type of error could possibly be seen.
-Any style of issue aided by the reports when you look at the file can also cause this bug.
-If the user is making usage of incorrect QB version to open up files, then this error can happen.
-Another case could be when the user is applying wrong approach to open the file type.

Error codes reflecting this error

1. Error 3371: Status Code 11118
2. HX0X error
3. C=XXX messages
4. Error -6000 series
5. Login to your company file failed somehow
6. QuickBooks Unrecoverable error

Points to be noted
Ahead of the user hop on to the processes to repair the error, it is better to help keep certain points in your mind. Let us take a look at the following points:

1. The user is needed to make certain that the QuickBooks application is updated into the latest version.
2. Also, an individual is needed to verify that only one system is hosting the business file. An individual is required to turn off the hosting in most the computers apart from the server by:
-Move into the file menu
-And then click on utilities option
-Followed by selecting the choice for stop hosting multi-user access
-And continue, after verifying
3. The user should ensure that QuickBooks desktop program is certainly not corrupted.
4. The user should press and keep the Ctrl key, while opening the QB software using the desktop icon.
5. If this program fails to open, then your issue could be with QuickBooks desktop.

Fixation of Error: Cannot open QuickBooks Company file
Well, if you are facing this error, then there is great news for you. There are many more than one rectification methods that can be used to get rid of this error with much ease. I will be discussing all the methods one after another at length.

Method # 1: Checking the Properties and File extension
The first step in this method is to open the folder where in actuality the company file is located.
After that, right-click the company file icon, accompanied by selecting the properties option.
The next step along the way would be to ensure that the type of file is QuickBooks company file plus the size of the file has reached least 7 MB.
Now, an individual is required to click on Advanced, and make certain that the boxes are unchecked for Compress and Encrypt attributes are unchecked.
To end this process, the consumer is required to click OK.

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Method # 2: Opening the QuickBooks Company File directly through the software
Moving towards the Windows desktop my work, in case of folder permission issues. Thus, an individual can follow the steps down the page:

In the beginning the user needs to press and keep the Ctrl Key and double click the QuickBooks icon
From then on, continue to press the key till the no window QuickBooks file open
Once the program opens up, the user has to ensure that just one system is hosting the file. Otherwise close along the other servers that open the organization file
And switch off hosting in other systems by carrying out of the steps below:
For Single user
It must be noted that in order to turn on hosting mode will disable the multi user access. The steps to be followed are:

The user needs to first navigate into the file and then click on utilities, along with that click on stop hosting multi user access

The next thing is to pick yes, in the message that appears regarding the screen
From then on, the organization file will soon be closed and the message will appear, where the user will need to select yes yet again
For Multi-user mode
The error usually indicates that one or higher client computers are set up wrongly, to host the multi user access. The steps to be followed are:

The error message might appear on every client computer
After that, the user needs to navigate to the no company open window and then select the file and utilities tab
Now, the consumer can confirm that the menu option for the host multi user access is displayed. More than one client computers might display the menu options regarding the screen. Client computers prevent hosting multi user access, which indicates that they are already hosting multi user access
After that select the option to stop multi user access hosting on any client system, display hosting of stop multi user access, and then follow the prompts to cease hosting
The final step is always to attempt to open the difficulty file again. The login window should now appear on the screen.
Note: the consumer need to keep in your mind that in case the user is opening a .QBX, .QBB, or .QBM file, then he/she can get prompts to find the location, where he/she wishes to bring back the file.


Method #3: Renaming the .TLG file and also .ND Extensions
There is a predicament, as soon as the company file does not open as a result of any kind of harm to the TLG and .ND files. Thus, in such instances renaming these files might help in opening the company file. The steps involved in this process are as follows:
Step one is to open the folder, where in actuality the company file is based.
And then, right-click the transaction log file.
After that rename the file to OLD.qbw.TLG and repeat the same process with .ND file.
The next step is to start the business file plus the .TLG and .ND files will be crafted automatically.
Note: it ought to be noted that removing .TLG files just isn't recommended, as they possibly can be used in the future, just in case the need for recovering the lost data occurs. Also, to restrict the error from occurring once more, the user should copy the transaction log file using the company file, while moving the information in one system to a different system.

Method #4: Renaming QuickBooks company file
To start with, open the folder getting the company file.
After that, right-click and opt for the Rename option.
The next step is to improve the name of the file, while making certain that the name usually do not exceeds 3 letters and also make sure that the original file extension is intact.
After which, if you notice any .TLG file for the same, then don't neglect to rename it as well.
Note: In case the file doesn’t show an icon or 3 letter extension, or if any wrong icon or extension is displayed, then your user will undoubtedly be needed to add the file extension or edit in some instances, according to the file type.

Method #5: Fixing QuickBooks Installation
An individual can move the QuickBooks company file to your other system, when possible, and attempt to open it. If in case the files opens through to other system, then your problem is with QuickBooks in the first system, or it can be any kind of issue using the system. For fixing that, the consumer can:

Either run the QBInstall tool
Or repair the QuickBooks installation.
Also, the user could make utilization of clean installing of QuickBooks

Method #6: do not allow QuickBooks desktop Windows open automatically
An individual will make an effort to suppress way too many windows from opening automatically that are opened into the company file. The steps to be performed are:

Select the company file that is present in the no business open window.
After that, press ALT key and hit open.
Note: in the event the QuickBooks software shows a login window, then the user should type the password, after which hit Alt and OK. Keep hold of the Alt key, till the full time company file opens fully.

In the event the consumer is not able to open the organization file with no kind of error, then carry out of the steps below:

Hit Preferences from the Edit menu.
From then on, tap on Desktop view, and then select the Don’t save the desktop option.
And finally, hit OK button.

Method # 7: Copying QuickBooks Company File to a different location
In the event the company file is found to a network drive, the consumer is needed to copy the same towards the local drive. Also, troubleshoot the network configuration, in case the area file opens. Or perhaps the user can proceed with the steps below:

In the first place, the user is needed to create a new folder within the C:\drive.
Then, open the folder getting the company file.
The next step is to press Ctrl and then pick the company file in addition to corresponding .TLG of the company file.
Then, right-click and opt for Copy option.
After that, the user is needed to open the newest folder, and then right click and then choose Paste option.
Note: in the event an individual struggles to paste the file to your other location, then the file might be employed by somebody else. To accomplish the process safely, you can ask an individual to log out the file and work out an endeavor once again.

Wrap up..!!
They certainly were some of the solutions to fix the issue of QuickBooks not able to open the organization file. Thus, opting for some of the above methods can perhaps work in your favor and help you to fix the error with much ease. However, if by any chance none regarding the methods worked on your side, or perhaps the error continues to trouble you even after trying out most of the methods, then feel free to contact us.

Every so often, certain things could be fixed only by professionals. Therefore, you can call us and contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team for expert assistance. Our company is hub of experts and certified accounting professionals, who have many years of experience and expertise in working with errors associated with QuickBooks. Reach us today we would like to allow you to!

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